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Red Leather Standard Aggressive Rollerblade Cuff Straps

Red Leather Standard Aggressive Rollerblade Cuff Straps

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Top Stitch Color

Vegetable Tanned Leather and Duragrip Rollerblade Cuff Straps Straps and Loops.

How to measure and find your size video link click here.

-Laser engraved logo

-Simplified straight topstitch design replacing the JAD logo stitch for better grip.

-NEW military grade nylon black and white stitching and military grade Natural (soft yellow color) Kevlar stitch.

-Regular nylon color top stitch options are now available too. Non military grade.

-Stitching is still stitched into a carved channel increasing the life of the stitch.

-strip of leather glue between leather and Duragrip

-The same 1 piece Duragrip hook and loop but it's now cut from 1.5 inch increasing the hook and loop coverage out to the edges.

-3 sizes with more positioning holes. See images.

1 inch width.

Slim but still super strong gunmetal color loop.

- 4 to 5 oz High quality Leather which spans the full length of the strap. 

- Beefy black eyelets on the loop side.

- NEW Semi Rounded end cuts!

- Handmade by JADRollerVlog. 

Also If you need custom options, or if you want to purchase either side separately, send me an email

USE THESE PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Buyer assumes all liability using these products. 

No Vegan options yet sorry. These products contain animal hide. Don't confuse Vegetable Tanned Leather for Vegan.

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